What the Heck is This?



28 Days at the Brink is the blog for the art show DreamCatching, appearing April 2015 at the Brink Gallery in Missoula Montana. DreamCatching is a live multimedia performance and visual art extravaganza. A life-goal of my own coming true!

For 28 days, I will be personally installed in the Brink Gallery. While there, I will be living and working on a mélange of epic proportions. There will be:

1) A live (and broadcast) opening show performance on First Friday, April 3rd.

2) A live camera feed of the entire month — you’ll see me working, living, performing, and sleeping in the space.

3) Live *free* coaching sessions (seen but not heard on the camera feed) designed to assist participants in moving toward a big dream of their own. Each participant may create a small piece to contribute to the show.

4) Regular collaborative performances and weekly gatherings open to the public and shared via the live feed.

5) A visual piece created from various items collected over the last decade+, as well as the contributed pieces from the coaching sessions.

6) A closing show at the end of April to share the finished visual project and celebrate having lived through it!

7) And you. You should be there, too. Whether you come just to marvel at the spectacle and/or to join in on the fun. It wouldn’t be the same without you!


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