mandelaToday’s theme is Sh¡ne and for me it is the quintessential take-home message of all of the coaching sessions I’ve done, and all the interactions with gallery visitors that I’ve had since I’ve been in the space. So many of us are coming to terms with, recognizing the desire to be, and leaping bravely into freeing our most-self. We’re coming out of hiding, turning off our invisibility powers, opening our chests fully and bravely, and radiating who we are out to all the wide world. And the resounding response is “Welcome! So good to see YOU.”

Shine1So may I encourage you to get in on it while you can, to catch the fever, to do yourself and the rest of us a favor and let out your Most-Me. We need it! And maybe everyone won’t, but most of us, and surely the ones that matter, will absolutely love you for it. Be brave. Be who you dream. Make the commitment today: “I will be my Most-Me — and nothing else!”

And if you want some support, come on down (or go here) and sign up for a  complimentary coaching session with me. Or just come tell me you’re committed to Sh¡ining, and let’s hug in celebration! It’s time for us to prove that there’s nothing better for all of us than being who we really are.

Here’s some other stuff I’ve been playing with:
Colored Vinyl Composite Tiles —Shine5 Busted-up Wafer Board (fun to smash and to glue) —Shine3 And the Wood Panel(ing) —Shine2 Last night and today, Missoula has been proving that she is still in Montana, and let lose a tiny blizzard. Typical of Spring snow around here, nothing really “stuck” down in the valley, but the hills are heavily dusted. The “Sucker-Spring” almost got me this time, I swear. But every year, no mater how warm it gets in April, we always skip back to real Spring, which invariably includes snow. It made me so thankful to be in the toasty gallery last night. And what a glorious, fuzzy shimmer!Shine4

Don’t forget to wear yourself on your sleeve, my dears. It’s your time to Sh¡ne! Welcome to your Most-Me.

Be well.


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