Ladies, gentlemen, and all of us in between — greetings and salutations from the Brink!

Today’s theme is trUst. One of the overwhelming motifs of this entire project (the art, the collaborations, the coaching sessions, the interactions I’ve had with gallery visitors, the experience of living on Front St.) all distills into the concept of trUst. Self-trUst that we can live and maneuver and express ourselves as we authentically think and feel and create; trUst in community to accept us as we are and enrich us as we grow; and trUst in the universal process of which we all are part.

It’s a nice package deal, these levels of trUst. They feed each other and fit together in a healthy system. When we’re brave enough to trUst ourselves to truly sh!ne who we are — to let ourSelves, our individual most-me’s, out — then we have an opportunity to be seen and met by others with whom we resonate. We can form a community that shares our values because we’ve been plain and honest about them (without having to be threatening or “in [anyone’s] face” about it, because that’s counter to being trUst-worthy). Those people will accept us as we are, and because we resonate with each other, we can both provide the space for that acceptance, and encourage each other onward in that vein. From this space of celebration of our individuality and our interrelatedness, even remarkably differing communities can recognize the value of the sense of significance and belonging that other communities offer to their constituents. Psycho-emotionally, as a species, I think we are making the transition from communities, organizations, and groups that seek to isolate members and thwart or even destroy outsiders, toward ones that recognize more and deeper levels of the value of our diversity, and the gift of our individuality.

We’re each here to belong and to honour our own significance.

The final piece of the “package deal” above is that the more we settle into a comfortable spot of trusting ourselves, being in trusted community, and growing who we are; the more we get to experience ourselves as being in our own flow, in our own tune with everything, vividly, actively, richly in our own version(s) of life. When we ride that sweet wave, we can surf all day without even trying… And we feel buoyed by the universe, supported in our efforts to become and let out who we most are; because we aren’t stopping it up to try and belong, or fit our curves into those funny square holes. In that space we are being what we were born to be.

And that experience of rightness and flow and cosmic support/connection is what life is all about, right? When we feel that level of “good”, when we float and/or sink into that version of being, we can do anything. We can do what we were always meant to.

And we will.

TrUst is the theme — you’ll no doubt notice that “you” are at the center of it all. That’s not by accident. It all always comes back to you, my friends. This is your life. You’ve got to get it while you can. And the skeleton key to unlocking it’s potential is you trUsting you to be you.

You’re beautiful and brilliant and worthy of carrying the light you carry. You don’t have to hide it. ❤

And now for some pictures!

Some of you have seen this one already, but I wanted to pass it along to those who haven’t, and show you the result(s) thus far. I think I’ve got it figured out that these are the locking plates used in clamping and setting sections of rebar in a wall when one is pouring concrete. At any rate, here’s their vortex on the concrete floor of the Brink…Trust1 And then up on the wall.Trust2And here’s the vortex’s cousin hovering over Plastic Heart’s Reflector-Transcendence… You know, over by the Dead Lighter Nebula…?Trust13This lovely bird sat so long doing nothing under this car parked right in front of the gallery window where I was working the other day, that I stepped out to make sure it wasn’t injured or in shock. She skittered a bit at my approach, so I backed off, and back she came to rest under the engine. I snapped several pictures of her and went back to work before she disappeared with no ado.  Trust8 Marc Moss of Missoula’s own Tell Us Something hosted a “Story Jam” at the Brink last evening. Story-tellers could sign up and tell a 5-minute story on any subject. Somewhat unfortunately, the turn-out was stilted by an event across the street we didn’t know about at the time of arranging ours which held about 200 of Tell Us Something’s normal audience… Nevertheless some great stories were told.Trust9 Later in the night, the Avant-Garde Alliance made the windows reverberate, and the Meta Dreamcatcher in the front window sway with their densely layered and potent beauty. Sax player and longtime Missoula friend, Nathan Hoyme, told me that the band discussed and planned before they began playing to use my art piece to score their improvisations. And I was certainly jazzed and inspired by the sweet, grungy, soaring tones and dynamic rhythms they blasted and sprinkled and sewed into the gallery last night! You can see a couple more shots of them in “The View from Here” in the left side bar <—.Trust10You might have noticed these two watching over the band above. These are the puppets that the amazing Jeff Medley made for the reading we did at the Performance Parts night last Friday. We told almost no one that the puppets were going to be part of the reading; then we got up in front of the curtain Craig Domes had made for us all, with our scripts in hand as if we going to stand and read together; and at the last second, we spun around and ducked behind the curtain, threw on the puppets and had them be the characters in the scene. It was a hoot! Jeff said they could hang here for now, and it seemed appropriate. Trust14 Here’s the current capture of the state of the wall. Well not “current” now… But it was until just now.April19

I didn’t take pictures, but the Spirit Canoe and Group Journeying Circle with local shaman, Marge Hulburt, was a resounding success with just shy of a dozen people walking away with a power animal with whom to begin working, and almost double that many of us working together to make and paddle the Spirit Canoe. It was such a lovely, quiet, and at times thunderous, and all around compelling evening.

More on the way… Stay tuned! And up to date.

Be well.

P.S. Here’s my NPR moment — We were able to launch on time, and we’ve been running everything that needs running and getting what needs getting, but we’re still about $800.00 below budget for this show. In order to keep the live stream going and continue the show as planned, we need those extra funds in place. If you’re liking what you’re seeing here, and enjoying the live camera feed, and/or coming down and enjoying the free events I’ve collaborated on and hosted, may I gently encourage you to navigate over to the gofundme campaign for the show and make a small contribution to the cause? Thank you on behalf of all the artists and community that we are nurturing. ❤

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